We are a game design and self-publishing company and we are passionate about games in general. That's why we go in different directions and let our creativity guide us to a new game every time.

Shortly, we are going to be selling our games through Amazon and Kickstarter and we are planning to expand in the future.

The name Churro Games comes from my gamer nickname Churro (referring to my crazy curly hair, like churros) 

The Team

We are a small but amazing team from different nationalities and we plan to keep expanding in the future. 


Freddy Then (Churro) - Founder & CEO

Marlies Endres (LICHIcus) - Zurvival - Illustrator

Sara Favorido (Zoeira) - Zurvival - Illustrator

Luria Hirai - Stonelight - Illustrator

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