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STONELIGHT is a fast-paced game where you assume the role of a wizard, inside a crazy tournament, in which you need to collect resources and spells to fight in crazy magic battles, to steal, collect or even swap Magic Stones needed to win the game. But be aware that these 6 unique characters will have a lot of spells to sabotage and create chaos.

The game is fast, interactive, and entertaining. Everyone plays simultaneously, which brings about amusing and unpredictable interactions in every game. 

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STEP 1 - Setup

Choose a character with a unique ability and a magic pet to act as your signature spell.

STEP 2 - Goal

At the start of each round, a random player is given a Magic Stone. The first player to obtain 6 wins the game.


You can also use spells to get, steal, and swap magic stones.

STEP 3 - Resources

Players collect resources simultaneously that allow them to cast spells or go to the library to get more spells. Each spell has a specific combination of resources you need to have to cast it, these resources don't get discarded after using your spell, so you only need to get them once!

STEP 4 - Battle

Each player chooses a spell and a character they want to cast that spell on, then all players reveal their spells and targets simultaneously, creating crazy and fun interactions.

STEP 5 - Craziness

Each spell is resolved in order of priority. Each combination of spells and targets played by the group will create unique and crazy interactions.


Prepare to laugh and fight in these chaotic battles!   

STEP 6 - Winner

The first player to obtain 6 Magic Stones wins the game!